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the ball to ronnie hillman. he's seen a lot of action tonight. the san diego state rookie. 14 carries and 86 yards. broncos tonight, manning is manning and mcgahee with 122 yards on the ground. thomas, seven catches and a 20-yard average. and they have rushed the ball, have the denver broncos, for a total of 226 yards tonight. more yards and more td passes in four straight games. only steve young has done that in the past. we will go down to the final minute. a smiling manning and the denver broncos for the first time this year, have won back-to-back games. tough to see this one coming for the saints offense. the fact that they have been
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shut down and jimmy graham and the gang will go back home and take on the philadelphia eagles a week from tomorrow. >> cris: watching willis mcgahee tonight and his performance made me think of a young man from south carolina, this marcus lattimoo d lattimore who had a devastating injury yesterday. mcgahee was drafted and had to sit out a year. look at him now. 31 years old and still going. marcus, a lot of football fans around the country are thinking about you and hoping it all turns out just like it did for willis mcgahee. >> al: i was watching that on television yesterday. the guys were talking about that exact same thing. you hope the result is the same. so colquitt comes in to punt on
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fourth down. the saints will head back to louisiana with a mark of two wins and five losses to take on philly. and denver, next week, will go to cincinnati. fair catch called for. made by sproles at the 13 yard line. >> cris: i'd be hard-pressed to point out what i thought the flaw was in the broncos right now. they are so battle-tested after the teams they had to play, after the first seven games, get a guy like keith brooking come in here and sort of solidify the run game. a good-looking team right now. it really is. >> al: you know, brees reminds me when steve young, i think, was losing 40-8 at one point. george seifert tried to pull him and he said, "not a chance." here is brees. he just doesn't -- it may be a junk play that means nothing,
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but he is going to take them to the finish line with a kneel-down. >> cris: like a krapt going down with the ship. >> al: that's a good way to put it. >> cris: see you at the bar. >> al: so the denver broncos dominate and win the game. the final score is 34-14. coming up next, it will be the wendy's postgame report. michele with a trio of broncos stars, as manning and brees exchange pleasantries. that is coming up after these messages from your local nbc station. .
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hurricane sandy is hours from landfall. but it is creating all kind of problems up and down the atlantic coast. it is a monster storm now. it is expected to affect 60 million of us. from mandatory evacuations to government and school closures, we have got it covered. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. hurricane sandy expect mund day night. unleashing a storm surge, damaging winds and heavy rain more. than a million from dem ware, new york, and connecticut are under evacuation orders at this hour, mandatory evacuation orders, people appear to be heeding the warning boarding up and heading out. federal offices will be closed tomorrow. the same goes for every major
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school district in the area. metro canceled all service for the first time since 2003. >> the huge storm has done a lot of damage. the death toll now stands at 65 after sandy pounded the caribbean. tonight team coverage. start with chief meteorologist, with a closer look at sandy's path. doug? >> we are starting to get into what sandy is bringing us, winds. rains, look outside. probably hear the rain coming down. the wind. strongest, about, 12 to 24 hours away. the rain has begun. let's take a look and show you. outside right now. the rain coming through parts of the area. just about everybody seeing a good light-to-mod rerate rain. some picking up heavy rain. notice yellow, rain, eastern shore, down into portions of southern maryland. this area has already received upwards of 5 to 10 inches of rain.
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once again, just getting started with the storm as it continues to make its way in from the east you. can see what i am talking about with the yellow areas. over towards cambridge. in through the south. southern portions of st. mary's county. some areas, close to 10. you notice the rain just continues to make its way in from the east. take a look at the wider view. you also see some of the first real band of sandy. right now making their way on to shore. ocea city. lewis delaware. these are the first ones that are going to have the tropical storm force wind. hurricane force gust as long the beaches do come during the day tomorrow. let's take a look right now. you can see the storm, clearly defined here. actually the eye starting to reform. it is starting to strengthen a little bit. not going to have much bearing though on the entire forecast. the latest wind. 75 miles an hour. movement to the northeast. at 14 miles an hour. it will eventually move back to the north-west. close to our area. by 8:30 tuesday morning. it should be very, very close to us. this is going to bring us a lot
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of different kind of weather. this is the biggest news. gusts of 60 miles an hour, potentially upwards of 70 miles an hour. a high wind warning in effect for the area. i will be back later on to update you about the warnings, watches, advisories. a lot of them. a lot to go through. we'll keep you posted right here. >> thank you, doug. hundreds of thousand of people have been evacuated tonight, in rehobeth beach, delaware. wendy is in rehobeth where they're take it seriously. >> hey, jim. whoa, this thing just started kicking us, five minutes ago. doug called me an hour ago, said get ready. bam this thing is like pounding us from behind. the first really heavy bands.
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a mandatory evacuation. this is a ghost town. literally a place where the lights are on, but nobody is home. 8:00 sharp, rehoboth police shut down all roads leading into the town. you need a valid delaware license, proving you live here, or you don't get in. >> a problemarose immediately. and it got ugly. >> where do you want me to go? >> you are going to turn around. >> they're not letting you in? >> because i do not have a delaware license. my house is there. i left to get pizza. and i can't back into my house now. >> what are you going to do? >> i don't know. all my money is there. >> is there anyone back in your house? >> no. no. the lights are on. the house is unlocked. no, i don't know. i don't know what i am going to do. >> the governor of delawarer ud
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th -- delaware issued this evacuation. the town of rehoboth. has an abandonedness to it. not all residents left. we highly recommend, that they don't. we won't stop them from coming in. in fairness the town has been putting the word out about this evacuation for the past 24 hours. and, eventually, the woman from new york, she called the chief of police, he called the officer on duty, and the matter was resolved. she was able to break the blockade. believe me, you don't want to be in rehoboth right now. the ocean is in its place. starting to come up. starting to break the fence along the dunes. told by doug and chief of police, chief banks, it will be over the boardwalk by tomorrow morning. they ordered all bitzneusinesse closed. we'll take a look. sochl thi we are still here.
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keep you posted. back to you. >> stay drive. thanks. south of rehobet. -- south of rehoboth. and route 1 has been closed for ten miles, between dewey and bethenny beaches. >> prince george's county, barrier around the county administration building. heavy rain flad eflooded the bu last year. tonight surrounded by flood sacks. oversized sandbags. hydrobarriers put up to keep the water out. meanwhile, some fire fighters are prepared for any possible walter rescues. we have a couple different areas that we are going to be concerned about. obviously, the flooding that comes from heavy rain conditions. the flooding causes a lot of problems with people driving through the water. and, just -- just being out in the flooding area. >> firefighters are also preparing for trees that will be coming down. they have especially outfitted
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vehicles, for collapsed rescues and for walter rter rescues. federal government is shut down. all nonessential federal employees are told to stay home. all major school districts in the area closed tomorrow. we have a listing of all school and business closings on line. at nbc the state of emergency services are currently at full activation. highest level there its. the state and national guard has been mobilized today the governor told people to prepare for days of power outages. they also asked folks to stay off the roads. >> it will beal very da very da conditions on the road tomorrow. urging all citizens to hunker down at home. and stay off the roads tomorrow. >> the governor says the state is ready to respond -- it could takes days after the storm leaves. power companies are taking precautions ahead of the storm.
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chr gordon in bethesda, outages in maryland, virginia and the district. chris. >> doreen, well because forecasters have been predicting, sandy, pepco had time to reach out and ask for help from utility companies down south. >> it's called mutual aid, repair crews, arriving into the night at pepco staging area, montgomery county fairground. this group from alabama joining crews from texas, tennessee, mississippi and georgia. they were given the safety briefing when they arrived. 700 linemen will eat most of their meals in this mess hall. pepco will assign them to restore power to customers in montgomery and prince george's counties and the district. they will be shuttled from here to hotels where they will wait out sandy like the rest of us. because, high wind make it dangerous to raise the boom and work in buckets on high voltage wires. >> our operations will notify
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us, amount the staging area. safe to go ahead and release the trucks to go ahead for restoration. we have the operation trail. communicating with headquarters. >> -- put the lights back on. just a nightmare. >> reporter: with sandy coming what are your thoughts? dominion virginia is prepared. parking trucks loaded with gear and ready to go at its springfield location. but some virginia resident remain concerned. >> i've don't think, the city its ready for a 60 mile an hour wind and the tall treats. used to work for a power utility. this is going to be a major stress. >> you probably remember this summer ear sto summer's storm knocked out purr to travpurr -- power. the montgomery county police
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department ordered detectives and officers who don't wear their uniforms, to find them in case they're pressed into service because of sandy. causing at least one detective to worry i hope mine still fits. latest live in bethesda. >> rick gordon, thank you. >> the district will open five relief centers tomorrow, starting at noon. ward 3 through 8 have their own designated centers for specific locations thid n s head to the american red cross will provide snacks and waters for those seeking safe conditions. >> in new york city the police used mega fephones to spread th word out there tonight. the new york stock exchange and nasdaq are suspending trading tomorrow. hundreds of thousands of people have already left, low-lying areas there. new jersey's governor, chris christie is telling people in evacuation zones, that tonight is their last chance. he says by tomorrow morning, state officials do not want
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people on the road. or out buying supplies. even the ka see nose in atlantic city closed. boarded out. for the fourth time in their history the last time was in 2011 during hurricane irene. breaking news from prince george's county tonight. police issued an amber alert for three children, all under the age of 5. they were abducted during a car theft at a gas station tonight. darcy spencer is at the scene. darcy? >> reporter: doreen, i was able to confirm within the last several minutes that police have recovered that vehicle. but here's the -- the bizarre twist. they say that the children were not in that car. it was locationed in southeast washington and they say, in fact there are no car seats in the car. they're investigating to try to figure out what exactly did happen here. now we are at the exxon station. this is where the woman called police. but the incident happened just down the street in the 8400
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block of central avenue. the mom was apparently pumping gas, at some point, a dodge intrepid pulls pup. suspect got out. jumped into her car taking off with her three children inside the car. now police tell me that she got in the car with a witness to this incident and they tried to chase the car. they lost sight of it. that's huh they ended up here at this exxon station in the 5400 block of central avenue in seat pleasant. here at the exxon station, they pulled over. she called police. again police are saying they're still searching for the three children, who she says was inside the car. they're searching at this hour. >> we got a call for a stolen vehicle that occurred in the 8400 block of central avenue, liberty gas station. a female getting gas, victim/mother of the children. while getting her gas, a male jumped in her vehicle and take off with the chifrn ldren in th car.
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a 1-year-old female. 4-year-old female. and 5-year-old male. >> reporter: now this is a wide-open investigation. police say that they are in the process of interviewing the mother. she was here at the gas station a little bit earlier. they're trying to figure out what exactly did happen here. they located the vehicle. no children and no car seats. prince george county police, maryland police and d.c. police are investigating and helping. they are talking to the mother to figure out what is happening. at this point the children are still missing. reporting live, darcy spencer, news 4. thank you, darcy. still to come tonight -- the outer banks have been taking a beating from the storm all day. we'll have a report from north carolina in just a few minutes. catching a metro train or bus tomorrow -- chances aren't looking good.
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the storm getting to us, creating strong surf in rode ho island. the governor of the state declared a disaster emergency. beginning tomorrow morning. mandatory evacuations will be issued for some of the coastal areas. >> if you are trying to travel by plane, train, or automobile, good luck. hundred of flights have been canceled and starting tomorrow, metro and amtrak are both a no-go. news 4 transportation reporter, joins us with a look at the travel issues this storm is creating. hi, adam. >> hey, doreen. the transportation closures from the storm getting to a level that most of us have never seen
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before. on the rails, metro, marc, vre, amtrak northeast corridor shut down tomorrow. as far as metro go back to 2003 to find such a shutdown during hurricane isabelle. no trains, no buses running monday. >> i would urge customers to heed the public warnings and avoid traveling entirely. bestsafest place to be, at home, a loved one's. shelter in place for a period of time until the storm passes through and it is staff to come out. >> reporter: if your only means of transportation is the metro system you may be going nowhere a couple dates. this could very well last into tuesday. >> oh, man, how am i going to got to work. they can't do that? can they? >> i don't have a car. so this is my only method to commute. >> what are you going to do? >> going to my girlfriend's place. she has a car. >> reporter: on the road many drivers trying to get away from
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the eastern shore. bay bridge officials will shut down traffic on the bridge when wind gusts are sustained above 55 miles an hour. many inner city bus companies shutting down service from the area. in the district of columbia, street sweeping restrictions lifted tomorrow. at the airport growing cancellations. at this point it may be easier to list transportation options you can take tomorrow, beside cabs and car sharing, there really aren't many. reporting live, news 4. >> thank you, adam. president obama signed an emergency declaration for the nation's capital, as hurricane sandy approaches. he approved the measure for maryland, new york and massachusetts. the president spent the day meeting with fema. federal emergency management a jance to make sure that agency is ready to warn people in the path of the storm to prepare. >> my first message is to all people across the eastern
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seaboard, mid-atlantic, going north. that, you need to take this very seriously. and, follow the instructions of your state. and local officials. because they're going to be providing you with the best advice in terms of how to deal with the storm over the coming days. >> the president left d.c. for florida where he has a campaign stop in orlando tomorrow morning. he will return to d.c. to monitor the storm here. >> the storm moving into our area. but the north carolina coastline is already been hit hard. the weather channel's julie martin reports now from outer banks in nags head, north carolina. >> we are continuing to take a beating here in the outer banks, in nags head, dealing with tropical storm force wind gusts since midnight of last night. a long duration storm. with that, we have seen localized flooding, some of the roadways, getting some ocean side flooding. and now, officials are concerned and in fact they're calling it a heightened concern about the
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other side. the south side of the chain of land. a four to six foot water rise. a northwesterly flow. a number of problems including road closures. highway 12. thoroughfare, cape hatteras. southern end of the chain is closed off. we are dealing with flooding in the southern end of the outer banks. and ocracoke island, 18 inches of water. tropical storm conditions will be persisting despite the fact that sandy is not going to pass by until 2:00 in the morning here, its center before it takes the sharp left and potentially impacts millions of people in the northeast. jim and doreen, back to you. >> all right, julie martin from the weather channel. reporting from the outer banks of north carolina. so, when will the-- the main
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impact of this storm hit us? and how bad will it be? storm team 4 track it all. let's begin with chief meteorologist, doug camera. doug. >> talking about the storm over the next couple days. it makes its way in here. the biggest impact tomorrow. talking about the storm for a week. seems like when is it going to get here it? is here. tomorrow is the day we really have to watch out for. out there right now. we can see, low cloud. rain continues to make its way in. as the it does so, rain totals are going to start to pile up quickly. some areas, heavy to moderate rain. all because of hurricane sandy. there it is. storm well offshore. come hundred miles. one thing you notice. the heaviest rain band are right here. plenty of rain in the center. radar, not able to pick it up out toward the open walter ter e atlantic. the system starting to get better organized. it makes its way through the nor. finally starting to make the northern turn.
11:58 pm
wind, 75 miles an hour. northeast. 14 miles an hour. pressure done to 950 millibars. if it came ashored, an historic storm, pressurewise. by pressure, talking potential for strong wind. it is just one strong storm, look at the track. the latest track. still making its wayen through new jersey. potentially, delaware, our region, make its way out of our area. by the day on wednesday. let's talk about the storm implications for us. see the rain on the radar right now. just about everybody. seeing rain. light to moderate, most areas. heaviest rain toward the eastern shore. southern maryland. stom l some locations, two to five inches of rain. some totals, ten inches already. the band has been fairly stationary. now we are starting to see the rain, making the way across the region. see what i am talking about, west to east. the rain is coming. widen out. notice some of the first real
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band of sandy in here. making their way to the beaches. another band will continue. that's what we will continue to see. banding is what will give us heavier wind gusts during the day,000 tomorrow. the band will eventually move into our area. show you this too. notice the white, yeah, snow. we have snow on the back side of a hurricane. and doesn't happen very often. happening out there right now. as far as sandy's impacts go. today, low impact across the region. highest impact towards the coast. down toward the coast of, north carolina. tomorrow, everybody gets in on the high impact. the wind will continue to increase during the day tomorrow. windy and very rainy, heavy rain at times. once again, rainfall, rates could be 1 inch an hour in some locations. the storm making its way on shore. tuesday. strong wind. we know that. coastal flooding. is a concern. not just at the beach. along the chesapeake and potomac river. heavy rain, power outages by far biggest factor here. hundred of thousands. millions without power along the
12:00 am
i-95 corridor. upward. 20, 25 miles an hour. 30 miles an hour. pax river. tropical storm force out there toward the ocean city, maryland. this is what you can expect for your day on your monday. rain increasing. wind, 20, 30 miles an hour. 7:00 a.m. around noon. heavy rain. with wind of 30 to 40 miles an hour. stronger gusts. and then around 5:00, very heavy rain. and dangerous wind. gusts upward of 60 to 70 miles per hour. we have a whole shrew of watches and warnings out there, right now. chuck bell, storm center four with the latest on what to expect. chuck. >> thank you, doug. yes, indeed. high wind warnings posted all across the air y herea. they begin over the course of the next couple days. start at 8:00 tomorrow morning. here you can see the area, under the high wind warning. these go from 8:00 on your monday morning. to 8:00 on your tuesday night. now, as far as how much wind, and when. tropical storm force wind. that is a sustained wind of 39
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miles an hour or higher. that qualifies as tropical storm force wind. they could reach the d.c. metro area and be in the d.c. metro area, from about 5:00 monday afternoon, to 5:00 tuesday afternoon. now you folks, out closer to the chesapeake bay. you will have a longer period of stronger wind. you can see your tropical storm, or higher force wind. all the way from about 2:00 toemg aft tomorrow afternoon. sunset tuesday. that's what you need to be careful of. went gusts, 55 to 65 mile an hour went gusts. come all across the metro area. points north and west. but you folks along the chesapeake bay, could see wind gusting between 60, perhaps even more than 70 mild per hour. and that is primarily from about early tomorrow, until mid to late afternoon. on your tuesday. here is the potential wind. 7:00 on monday. look at these potentials for wind now. wind will be generally in the
12:02 am
40s, 55 mile per hour range. could again reach 55 to 65 miles per hour. as we get into -- monday night into the early morning hours of your tuesday morning. before things finally start to die back down. once again. now, as far as -- rainfall and flooding potential. this is going to be a potentially big one. all along, 495. and the 270 corridor. northern prince george's county. ntgomery county. easily could see 5 to 9 inches of rain across the entirety of the event. a little lower. few folks towards the blue ridge. 3 to 5 inches. still a lot of rain. short period of time. flash flooding will be a huge concern. get a little further out into the southern end of the vally. 1 to 3 inch range. unfortunately for all our friend and neighbors on the eastern shore. 10 inches or more. i think will be very, very common place amount. out on the eastern shore. here is the way our computer models are generating in here. running all the way through the length of the storm now.
12:03 am
5 to 6 inch rainfal totals on average around town. slightly lower amounts as you get further out to the west and the southwest. still, this has the potential to be a very devastating flood event. and of course you folks along the chesapeake bay, also have to worry about high tide. tides have been running 1 to 2 feet above normal for much of the day today. that could reach two to three feet above normal, on your monday. probably not as big of an impact on tuesday. but monday we could see some extreme high tide. and coastal flooding right along the side. the western side of the chesapeake bay. so, wind and rain, are going to be a big problem, over the next couple of days. doug, become into you. >> yeah, chuck, tell you what. over the next few days. tomorrow into the day tuesday. and even halloween. still talking about the impacts. take a look and show you what you can expect for the day tomorrow. we move on through. the four-day forecast. showing 53 degrees for your high temperature tuesday. only 47 on wednesday.
12:04 am
matter of fact the numbers, a little bit off. it's 47 tomorrow. what we can expect there. plenty of rain. plenty of wind through the next couple days. once again, one other factor that we are going to be talking about. we look through the weekend. friday, saturday. sunday, monday. all looking good here. we will be droying out. three, four days. very hard for the power crews to get up and buckets. wind going to be 30, 40 miles an hour. even during the day tuesday. and into the day halloween. not to mention, a lot of people asking about snowfall. there is phone shall to see snow in the d.c. metro area for us. as this thing pulls out. if we get enough cold air. don't think it would stick. it would have to come down hard enough for the snow to reach the ground. that means you can see a heavier snowshower or two, on the back side. don't get out your shovels. not worried about any accumulation. one more thing this storm is going to bring us. you mention watches and warnings. a blizzard warning in garrett county, maryland.

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